Space92 Podcast Highlights – Minimal Techno?

Minimal Techno, Signature Plucks, and #1 on Beatport Charts

TechnoFraternity hosts Space92 on Artist Standoff, a podcast platform for artists to connect with their fanbase. If you don’t know who Space92 is, check out our previous article on our first artist batch.

Throughout the podcast, Space92 mentions something very interesting. His Space92 project is something recent and that he has been producing for 12 years now. Apparently, he was more into the minimal techno scene. It took him quite some time to overcome the challenges as a producer and “figure it out”.

Minimal Techno? Yes, we’re letting you in on a secret. Space92 had a previous project that he had ongoing where it mainly revolved around minimal techno. He mentions that he prefers to keep it private, however, do your research! You might find interesting things.

You know it’s a Space92 track when you hear the legendary signature plucks in the buildup, pre, and post-drop. He mentions how he came up with the plucks and how they define Space92 as they’re his signature now. People just know it’s a Space92 track when they hear them.

One of his most famous yet very recent releases is Atlas. A banger that was released on Reinier Zonneveld‘s label FilthOnAcid. Here is a snippet of Space92 – Atlas on Beatport.


Best selling Beatport Techno artist for 2020. This is more than enough to prove how hard-working and how perseverant Space92 is. His latest release is a remix for Skylighter by Meteor. It was released on Form, a label that has many famous releases under their name like Time Loop – Julien Jeweil Remix.

He mentions how it takes a lot of time and effort when producing music. However, he still manages to drop tips for beginner producers which we’re gonna list right now.

  1. Put your heart into it
  2. There are no ground-breaking rules for production
  3. Take frequent production breaks

Valuable indeed! You need to put your heart into whatever you’re doing. Do it with a passion so that your message is transmitted within your music, like a middleman. When producing music, the only rules you follow are the technical ones. However, no rules apply to whether you want to start with your melody, kicks, bass-line, or even pads.

This is connected to the first tip Space92 mentioned, put your heart into it. Taking frequent breaks is essential as your ears get tired and used to what you’re hearing. This has a lot of cons, like ear fatigue and possibly hyperacusis.

You can listen to the full podcast on SoundCloud if you want to know more about Space92.