LEGEND: Latest Release & Cosmic Boys Remix

Nure - Ishi (LEGEND)

BREAKING: LEGEND’s latest release with a CosmicBoys remix surprise

After the worldwide success of their first label SCANDER, Cosmic Boys (Sébastien Bevil and Gabriel Meynadier) were excited to launch their new label LEGEND in November 2018.

Trending in a new electronic music era, LEGEND continues to be one of the dominators in the peak time driving techno industry. LEGEND offers a unique pumping and festive techno feeling with a hint of melodic essence to their releases.

It also reflects on Cosmic Boys’ unique style of ultra rhythmic Techno. Let alone their universe marked by effective and impactful synths, drops, and breaks. If that’s not enough, they have an unarguable quality of production, and the credibility they have in the techno industry is huge.

After the big success of « Dusty Kid – Kore » official remixes, this new release signed by Nure with an amazing remix by Cosmic Boys, promises to make a lot of noise on the charts. More on that in our previous article. Nure is a French artist that has just made her debut on Legend. Known for having a peak time driving and melodic style, Ishi is a new powerful and energic track. It features a dark take that’s expected to climb charts in the techno section of Beatport really quickly.

Cosmic Boys’ remix features more of a progressive rhythm to the track with a darker feel. For this new EP, Legend offers a new face of Techno which will be discovered on March 18th. Pre-orders are available on their Beatport account right now.

The legend speaks the story of a young fighter called Nure from the powerful planet Ishi coming to rescue the galaxy alongside the Cosmic Boys