Artist Standoff: A Podcast By Artists, For Artists

TechnoFraternity Artist Standoff

A Techno Podcast Platform By Artists For Artists

We all know how hard artists work to release new music for people like us to enjoy. We’ve all been excited at some point when an artist releases a teaser, making us go crazy!

However, do we really know what goes on behind the scenes? Social media is a place where everyone shares their happy moments and not their difficulties and overall journey.

For that, TechnoFraternity is kicking off Artist Standoff. A techno podcast platform for artists where they will be talking about the difficulties they go through, the roadmap to be an artist, and the techno industry as a whole.

Every week, a new batch of artists will be announced on our Instagram page. The batch will include 3 artists, and the audience will vote on who we kick off the podcast with.

The first batch was announced on February 3rd. The lineup consists of Space92, a French Techno DJ and producer. MaDJam a Lebanese artist with a huge portfolio that has gone international, and Elena Pavla, a Russian DJ (you don’t wanna miss that).

This is a great opportunity for artists to be able to freely vent and say whatever is on their mind to the public. We’re sure that the Techno scene will appreciate the artists sharing whatever is on their mind.

On the other hand, it will be more of a personal talk or chit-chat that will reveal more about the guests’ lifestyle and personality when they’re away from the decks.

Which artist do you think will be the runner-up of the first batch? Let us know!  on our Instagram page @TechnoFraternity.